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Vitamín E pomáha chrániť pokožku pred vysúšaním a dodáva jej jemnosť a hebkosť. (tip poslal blavacikk)

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Submachine 8 The Plan

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Hodnotenie: 5,0 z 5,0 (9 hlasov)

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Užívateľ je online bibi 10. 12. 2012, 20:33


Level III (The Forest) You should still be standing at the beam of green light in level II. Pull up the device from your inventory and click on the second button down on the left. You are now on level III. You see an odd device with a cog in front of you, and a tree trunk to the right. Go left. There is a smaller tree trunk here, with footholds, it is obviously a ladder down. Go left. This is the end of the walk on this side. Note the two ropes and two pulleys to the left. To the right is a semi-circular control. If you click on it you will see that one of the cogs moves and one doesn’t. Go right. You should now be at the ladder. Go down. You are now at the middle of the ladder. Note that in one of the branches is a semi-circular beam, take it. Go down. You are at the base of the ladder, which is built into a tree. There is a piece of paper to the left of the tree, take it. Go right. You are at the base of a tree. Notice in the tree is another one of those levers that you can push in. Go right. Here’s an odd circular thing on a pole, similar to the one in level II, but with something inside. Note the notch in the inside circle. Go right. You are at the base of a pillar. There are four holes on the right, and on the left is a button and what looks like rods. Click on the button at the left base of the pillar and the rods will shoot out. You can now climb. Go up. There is an odd device on top of the pillar. There is also an empty square on the left above the rods. Go down and go left 3 times. Go up the ladder twice and go left. Take the cog from your inventory, then place it between the two cogs on the left. Once the cog is in place click on the semi-circular lever to activate the cogs. Go right twice to the pulley thing and you will find that it has been raised, revealing a red brick. Take the brick. Go left to the ladder, then down twice. Go right twice to the circular thing. This thing looks an awful lot like the one in level II. Pull up the device from your inventory, then click on the upper right button to go to level II. Click on the circular device until the triangle shape is between the 4:00 and 5:00 position, the same position it would need to be to cover the notch in the thing in level III. Now pull up the device and click the button, second down on the left to go back to level III. Note that the position of the triangular thing on the outer circle has moved to cover the notch. You can now see a red stone in the middle of the circle, take it. Go right. You should now be at the base of the square pillar. Note that it is red, and that there are four circular holes on the right side. You also should by now have four red stones that would probably fit into those circles. The order they should go in, from top to bottom, is determined by the pictures you picked up. From top to bottom it should be: the one with the dot, the one with the plus, the one with the stripe, and the one with the large circle. Now go up the rods. Note the square hole above the rods. Place the red brick in the hole and click to depress. The device at the top of the pillar should activate, you have now opened level IV.

Užívateľ je online bibi 10. 12. 2012, 20:21


You are now in what looks like an Islamic type palace. There is a staircase in front of you and an odd looking machine to the left of the staircase. Clicking on the machine makes the handle go up and down, but not much more. Click on the staircase to go up. You are now at the top of the stairs, in a dome-shaped room. There is what looks like an altar here with a compass rose. Click on the stairs to go back down. Go right. You are now facing a large cabinet with multiple doors. Note that one of the doors is missing a knob. Click on each door to open it. Inside you will eventually find another piece of paper and a small chest opener that looks like a lever. Take both items. Go right. There is an odd circular thing on a pole here. You can turn it by clicking on it. Note the triangular shaped item on the circle. Go right. You are in front of another set of stairs. To the right of the stairs is a screen, click on it. This screen has seven buttons, two of which are red. If you click a red button, it turns green and shows a drawing of a room. The left button shows a room we haven’t seen. The next button shows a drawing of the room we are in. Back up out of the screen. Click on the stairs to go up. Here’s another dome room with another altar. This one has the letter N on it, and two dials. There is a piece of paper on the floor, pick it up. This is a drawing. If you examine the drawing in your inventory you will see two circular shapes, one with a stripe, one that looks like a donut. Note the Roman numerals III and IV besides the shapes. Close down the paper and click on the stairs to go down. Go left three times to where you entered the palace, the other stairs with the strange machine. Pull up the device from your inventory. Note that here it is called the IOIIIII. Click the upper left button and you will be back to Level I where you got off of the ladder.

Užívateľ je online bibi 9. 12. 2012, 19:22


You begin on top of a wooden catwalk, with lots of odd machinery around. There is a red button which you can push, which partially moves part of the catwalk. It is blocked by the long metal rod in front of it. Note that the rod is locked into place with a padlock. Go right. This is the right end of the catwalk. Note the satellite dish beaming some sort of green energy to the right. Below the catwalk are some metal bars. Hover your cursor and find the clickable area, then click to take the piece of metal. There is a vertical brass pole sitting here with a handle near the top. Click on the handle to move the pole to the left. Go left, then left again. You should now be on the left edge of the catwalk. Here’s another satellite dish, and a key hanging below. Use the broken beam (piece of metal) from your inventory on the key to bring it up to the catwalk. Take the key then go right. You should now be back to where you began, the middle of the catwalk. Use the key on the padlock hanging from the metal bar. Once the bar is unlocked, click on the far right end of the bar to move it to the right. Now you can push the red button and part of the catwalk will drop down. You can now move down. Go down once. Here you will see a piece of paper impaled on the ladder, take it. There is also a red stone hanging from the brass pole, take it as well. Go down. You’ve landed on a round area. There is a rod to the left that you can move down and up, but it doesn’t seem to do anything. There is a lever to the right, don’t touch it yet. Go right. You are now further along the spherical thing. Note the ship tethered to the right. Hanging from the rope that tethers the ship is some sort of device, take it. The device is called OIIIII. Click on it once it is in your inventory. It’ll say you need to put electrodes on your head, do so. Note the device has one lit button. Clicking on it will just bring you back to the scene. Go left. You are now back to where you came off of the ladder. Click on the lever to the right and it will activate another beam of light. Pull up the weird device from your inventory and note that it now has two active lights, the upper left and the upper right. Click on the upper right button. Congratulations, you’ve now found level II.

Užívateľ je online Bey 25. 11. 2012, 15:14


aj celé video

Užívateľ je online Bey 25. 11. 2012, 15:14


Veď návod je tam na uvodnej stránke pod "comment"

Užívateľ je online ja 3. 11. 2012, 18:38


som pred modrou branou...a co teraz??? POMOOOC :D

Užívateľ je online sss 2. 11. 2012, 22:31


skvelaaaaa :D :D ;)

Užívateľ je online Lea 27. 10. 2012, 19:31


...vynikajúca adventúra, konečne...

Užívateľ je online d 12. 10. 2012, 23:37


http:/ /

Užívateľ je online mia 9. 10. 2012, 19:32


skvelá hra!

Užívateľ je online ajstr 6. 10. 2012, 12:58


dajte navod;(;(;(;(

Užívateľ je online hugo 5. 10. 2012, 20:41


dajte navod :):D

Užívateľ je online erik 5. 10. 2012, 20:06


konecne 8

Užívateľ je online A 5. 10. 2012, 19:49


nedávajte sem návod! Nech si makovicu potrápim

Užívateľ je online Macko147 5. 10. 2012, 09:07


:D:P, super

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